Jody Kaylor Enterprises

Jody Kaylor Enterprises promotes inner peace, passion and play through transformational products and services that seek to make life as a joyous, improvised journey accessible to clients willing to thrive in life.

Jody Kaylor: Speaker, Life Mentor and Improviser of Creative Solutions

Whether as a bank Vice President in New York in the ’80s, her 15 years as an organizational wiz in Paris, operating through her alter-ego Madame Sophie or advising individuals, couples or CEOs, Jody has an exquisite capacity for weaving the practical, profound, and perceptive view with playful humor in delivering personalized solutions as well as time-tested conscious living and relationship tools.

Jody has spent her life exploring, improvising and transforming and embraces the most efficient, effective and enjoyable methods she has found.  She also blends the mischievous humor of the Pink Panther and the practical magic of Mary Poppins with ease and flair knowing that creativity eases suffering on the transformational journey.