Testimonial 1

“The 4-5 hours I have spent on the phone with Jody have had more of an impact on me than any one thing in my entire life.  What I put into operation has an impact immediately.”    - A. Macia, CEO, MTM Inc.

Testimonial 2

"Jody is inspiring!  She has mastered the ability to weave deep transformation with play and invites discoveries that will change your life." – Miriam Meima, Coach/Consultant

Testimonial 3

“Jody's improvised explorations spring from the wide-open space and total welcome she invites with her presence and the precise magic she wields. Her unique processes will evoke your passion for what you love and give you the skills to keep creating your own magic, moment-to-moment, day-to-day.” – Katie Hendricks, Director of Training, The Hendricks Institute

Testimonial 4

“Jody radiates a unique combination of graceful elegance and outrageously audacious out-of-the-box thinking. She is a master synthesizer of the unspoken and unseen, and from there she brilliantly articulates possibilities; with words, color, or texture.  Jody is a visionary in the truest sense.” – Deb Katz, R.N.

testimonial 5

“Jody is my go-to person for selecting or improvising the right exercise for me to use in working through an issue.  There's no wobble or wavering with Jody - what she offers, and how she presents it, is solid and trustworthy and there's a safety in what she is communicating.”   - Lynda Aldorisio, Certified Transformation Life Coach

Testomonial 6

"Jody is a fear melter. When I connect with her, fear disappears; what takes its place is trust, confidence and a sense of possibility.” - Skip Swanson, Higher Education Professional

Testimonial 7

“Wow! It isn’t simply in writing that you are laser clear. Thank you for staying the course and providing a path for those of us just starting to coach. Your eloquence in speech, both written and verbal, add to the precision with which you coach others into greatness. Thank you.” – C. Jackson, Certified Coach

Testimonial 8

“Jody is calm, grounded, centered, articulate and expresses herself with great clarity. She is also a surprising and innovative thinker with a wonderful dry wit.” – Chris Lucerne, Coach to Inspirational Leaders

Testomonial 9

“I appreciate Jody’s presence, her artful, clear, clean, direct, laser-like PRESENCE. “ – Nancy Stubbs, Certified Coach

Testimonial 10

“Working with Jody as a coach is a unique experience. She often creates exercises on the spot that are in response to my needs and these processes are usually quite playful and fun and always lead me into exploring the unknown. It is there that I find and come away with my own aha experiences.” – Grace Caitlin, Transcendent Relationships

Testimonial 11

“Jody makes improv accessible and through this I see that I have choices in every moment.  The result for me is to snap out of the trance of everyday reality and experience freedom, play, creativity and fun. I also find that when I explore in this way, I increase my feeling of connectedness and expand my humorous, loving nature.” – Cliff Haggerty

Testimonial 12

“Jody has a twinkle in her eye, she’s very intelligent and very tuned in. There’s not much she can’t talk about or doesn’t know and if she doesn’t know it mentally, she knows it intuitively. She’s very multi-sensitive.” - B.R.

Testimonial 13

“Jody raises the bar on integrity and invites others to step up to her level.” – Karen Thompson, PhD.

Testimonial 14

“Jody facilitates powerful and enjoyable experiences, for individuals and groups, that open up new possibilities and at the same time allow for the integration of past learning.” - Anna McGrath, Chief Authenticity Officer, WonderWorks Leadership

Testimonial 15

"Jody is so clean and clear in her simple instructions without over-directing the experience that it allows me the perfect structure to have my own experience." – Margaret Ryan

Testimonial 16

“I always appreciate speaking with Jody as I feel put back on track and find the focus of my direction through her insights.  I feel such comfort in her guidance and trust in her presence and the way she leads.”   - Lynda Aldorisio, Certified Transformation Life Coach

Testimonial 17

“Jody is sophisticated, elegant, wickedly funny, well-put-together and fabulous at word play.” – Nancy Voogd

Testimonial 18

“Jody has a bright and rich intellect way beyond the rational mind.  Her quick wit, deep wisdom, and sassy sweetness radiate her innocence through sage depth. Jody exudes a brilliant sense of what flows together in harmony and a sincere presence of heart and mind.” – Audrey Ann Hazekamp

Testimonial 19

“Jody is like a flowering tree. There’s a very grounded, colorful and brightly lit-up way that she has about her.” – BJ Brown, author of The Six Gates of Completion: A Companion in Life's Transitions

Testimonial 20

“I experience Jody as a wise seer who showers those around her with pearls in the most disarming & nonchalant ways, and who has the glorious capacity to see & love right where she is - and where others are.” - Anna Huff, Director of Operations, financial planning

Testimonial 21

“Jody brings a fresh, unique perspective to most everything I've seen or heard AND she is unattached, which is also not commonly occurring.” - Art Durand, Transformational Photography

Testimonial 22

“You have all these worlds that you bridge together and embody all in the same moment.” – Corinna Bloom, Advisor for Innovative Leaders

Testimonial 23

“I appreciate your go-for-it-ness. You manifest big events and experiences.” – Dan Howard, Intentional Resting

We start life as fully creative beings and the percentage drops over time from nearly 100% to 2% by the time we are adults!(*) At the same time, the agricultural, industrial and informational eras have given way to a creatively innovative path forward.

I believe there is a link between the loss of personal creative power and the loss of a sense of wholeness, an integrity that runs through all areas of our lives. When I turn my creative power toward the issues that clients bring to me, we uncover solutions that their best efforts had not previously been able to find. Thus begins the reclaiming of that lost creative power, a sense of wholeness and the tools needed for optimal navigation of this new era.

Whether you call me a coach, a consultant or a cross between Mary Poppins and the Pink Panther, you’ll be glad you called.

* George Land study